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Love Your City is a LifeCity initiative that supports the development of the impact economy and growth of for-benefit organizations in Louisiana. 

Supported by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, Love Your City's Regional Sustainability Committee (RSC) is made up of recognized leaders and subject-matter experts in our community who understand how to maximize impact through economic development in areas, such as housing, food, and stormwater management.


The power of cross-sector collaboration


The Regional Sustainability Committee (RSC) is made by 'Backbone' organizations that work throughout the Greater New Orleans. Through a collaborative approach, the RSC combines decades of experience and expertise in addressing the city's most important issues.


Top 10 Impact Categories


These Impact Categories were selected by the Regional Sustainability Committee to direct collective efforts towards a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable community for New Orleans. 


Meet the 2019 Love Your City Awards Winners!

On Thursday, January 24th, New Orleans’ business and impact leaders gathered at the New Orleans Sheraton to Sound the Alarm on the city’s most pressing challenges. Hosted by Shervey the comedian, on this evening winners for each of Love Your City’s 10 impact categories were unveiled and celebrated.

Meet your winners here.


Everyday, in every neighborhood in New Orleans, regular citizens take action to advocate for their communities. These leaders invest time, energy, and all kinds of resources into working selflessly for the greater good. The Love Your Neighborhood partners with neighborhood organizations to recognize this leadership and provides tools and resources designed to address the particular needs of their residents.


Broadmoor Captains.

Established in October 2018.
Powered by the Broadmoor Improvement Association.


Mid-City Captains.

Established in October 2018.
Powered by the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization.