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Meet your captains

Broadmoor Block Captains are the go-to persons in the neighborhood. They are leaders through their work and passion for the Broadmoor Community.


Dylan Edwards

Subgroup B
+1 (504) 452 6789

I moved to Broadmoor April of 2017 and have been involved in the neighborhood ever since. I am a financial adviosor with Edward Jones and have focused on building my business in Broadmoor to help our neighbors achieve financial goals important to them. I am also a board member for Broadmoor Improvement Association for Subgroup B and volunteer with SOUL NOLA to plant more trees in our neighborhood. We are stronger together and if I can help you with anything, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Donna Johnson

Subgroup C
+1 (917) 319 3279

I have been a resident in the "C" section of Broadmoor for six years now with my husband, who is a commissioner with the Broadmoor Improvement Association. I love my community. I am honored to serve as a captain and look forward to meeting as many residents as possible. I am an English As A Second Language (ESL) instructor at Delgado Community College and I work with youth through my organization Bright Future Youth, LLC. I look forward to working to make our community one where residents feel valued and supportive.

Diana Issokson

+1 (504) 255 1132

I am a native New Orleanian who has been working with the Broadmoor Improvement Association to improve the lives of Broadmoor residents through access to better nutrition, holistic and affordable healthcare, and an increase in safe, green spaces. I believe Broadmoor can build on its strong and resilient to become a model for community development across the city of New Orleans.


Justin Boone

Subgroup A
+1 (504) 259 8126

I am a livelong resident of the City of New Orleans, who just recently relocated to the Broadmoor Neighborhood after recieving my Bachelors in Human Resources and Leadership Development. I now work as a Special Assistant to the Mayor of New Orleans, focusing on community relations, special projects, and city-wide initatives. Together, we are able to make lasting change within our City for generations to come.


Ernest Johnson

Subgroup A
+1 (914) 643 8153

I love the Broadmoor community. Its a community with a flavor. I signed up to be a block captain to bring value to the community to ever enhance the community by providing more opportunities for area residents to thrive. I am honered to serve as a commissioner for sub section C and as a block captain


Chris Cook

Subgroup C
+1 (504) 462 1277

My wife and I were drawn to Broadmoor by its many assets: its affordability, its location, its wonderful early 20th century houses, its library and community center, and its active neighborhood association. I signed up to be a block captain becuase I want to help connect people to preserve and enhance those important neighborhood ammenities. I also want to help my neighbors find ways to address issues, from clogged catch basins, to paved yards, to the lack of trees on many blocks, that will improve life for all of us. I grew up in the area and moved around a bit before returning home in 2012, and I'm very excited to be raising my daughter here in Broadmoor.


Carling Dinkler

+1 (504) 250 8876

I am a native New Orleanian who grew up in the Marigny. After 10 years living outside the city, I had the opportunity to move home and have embraced the chance to be an active part of the community. In 2017, my wife, daughter and I moved to an area just outside of Broadmoor, so I am proud to be an honorary representative of the neighborhood. I am passionate about community communication and helping build a more inclusive, equitable, society.